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Trade securely on the first Fully Encrypted Exchange (FEX) built entirely within a secure enclave

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Enclave Markets is an institutional-grade digital asset trading platform that encompasses the best parts of centralized and decentralized finance.
Cryptographic guarantees against data leakage
Tamper Proof
Tamper Proof
Elimination of market misbehaviour such as front-running and manipulation
Decentralized Custody
Decentralized Custody
The central operator cannot touch user funds
We combined the best of decentralized and centralized exchanges
Confidential marketplace
Decentralized custody exchange
Centralized order book
No slippage
Free from MEV
Free from preferential market access

How Enclave Cross works

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Authenticate with your web3 wallet
Deposit Funds
Your assets are sent to the secure enclave
Begin Trading
Transactions happen securely and privately within the enclave network


Using Fully Encrypted Exchange Technology

Enclave CrossBETA

A secure, confidential marketplace designed to allow sophisticated traders to move sizeable block trades without disrupting the markets


A centralized trading platform for spot digital assets without internally controlled market makers, preferential order book access, front running, data leakage or other forms of market manipulation


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Informative material around Enclave's current business structure, including answers to any questions around our development.

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Account Management

Your guide for user account creation and overall life cycle at Enclave. Any questions around onboarding and other profile geared questions can be answered here.

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Details around depositing and withdrawing funds, as well as wallet authentication.

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Providing you with an efficient and seamless trading experience is paramount at Enclave. Answers to your inquiries around orders can be found here. Happy trading!

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