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Enclave Markets

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The first Fully Encrypted Exchange to protect against MEV, front-running, & slippage with decentralized custody you can trust

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Benefits of Trading on
Enclave Markets

Encrypted Privacy

Every transaction is cryptographically protected from data leaks, front-running, and MEV.

Enhanced Security

Safeguard your funds with Decentralized Custody through our Attestor Network or non-custodial integrations with Qualified Custodians.


Execute trades instantly on an off-chain order book with no gas, no MEV, and low-latency execution.

Deep Liquidity & No Slippage

Avoid slippage with mid-match execution on Enclave Cross or access deep liquidity through central limit order books.

Web3 Auth

Sign in with your web3 wallet’s cryptographic keys instead of a centralized third-party service.

Lower Fees

Trade in-size with an attractive fee structure.

Capital Efficiency

Integrations with leading credit networks enhance capital efficiency and mitigate counterparty and settlement risk.


01. The Technology


Secure Enclave technology is at the heart of Enclave Markets. Experience the future of trading on our advanced platform, where the same encryption technology used in Apple iPhones ensures unparalleled security and lightning-fast execution.

Privacy & Integrity First

Cryptographic attestations by Attestor network prevent illicit surveillance or codebase tampering, mitigating insider malfeasance.

Institutional Grade Security

Infrastructure is protected from data leakage or surveillance through institutional grade encryption and privacy-preserving enclaves.

Decentralized Custody

Third-party Attestor network upholds exchange integrity by running independent nodes for code authentication, fund custody, and inter-blockchain data transfer.


Off-chain enclave maintains market integrity, preventing front-running from insider advantage and unlocks dark pool order books, no slippage execution, and zero-spread trading.

Enhanced Compliance

FEX ensures regulatory compliance through immutable, verifiable transaction logs and cryptographic attestations, simplifying audits without compromising privacy.

02. Enclave Products



Enclave Cross

Crossing Network

Swap assets confidentially with counter parties

  • Confidential Orderbook
    No Data leakage
  • Execution at a fair midpoint-price
    Execute large trades with no slippage
  • Historical Oracle Price chart
    Derived from multiple trusted venues
  • Additional Order Settings
    Downside protection, execution deadline
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Enclave cross Markets Offered


Enclave Spot

Spot Exchange

Buy & sell digital assets instantly

  • Central Limit Orderbook
    Deep liquidity
  • Execution at your price
    Market orders & limit orders
  • Integrated TradingView chart
    Technical analysis enabled
  • Additional Order Settings
    Post only
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Enclave spot Markets Offered

03. Tiers of Service

Ways to Trade on Enclave

For Institutions

Access Enclave's institutional solutions directly from your trading stack, including direct integrations with qualified custodians.

For Individuals

Connect your web3 wallet to start trading.
We combined the best of decentralized & centralized finance
Confidential marketplace
Decentralized custody
Centralized order book
No slippage OTC trading
Free from preferential market access

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with Enclave Markets